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Camera Cooks is owned and operated by Clare Pollard.

Clare has successfully fed hungry film crews for 30 years!

"Her longevity in the industry

is a testament to her

success and reputation."

Clare maintains a high standard of service and adapts with ever changing challenges on location.



"My passion for food started at home ~ fresh, healthy  food from the garden, homemade chutneys, jams, relishes ~ my mother always seemed to be in the kitchen creating something!

"I followed her lead , but put the kitchen on wheels!"

Over many years I have developed a wide knowledge of many different cultures and flavours in food, and I love bringing this to the matter where I am!"



Camera Cooks have been  very fortunate over the years to work on many local and overseas productions. We have travelled to some amazing locations all over Australia with incredible crews and staff, gaining extensive experience and wonderful friendships on every job.

“You have to eat to cook, you can’t be a good cook and be a non-eater, I think eating is the secret to good cooking!"

Camera Cooks provides fresh, wholesome food using seasonal produce, cooked on location and includes a variety of international flavours in their menus.

Care of the crew is paramount and individual dietary requirments are catered for with ease, vegan/ceoliac diets or food allergies are treated with respect.